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Why Branding Is Important in Marketing

Importance of Branding

What Should a Brand Do?

Branding is not just about getting your target market to select you over the competition. It's also about getting your prospects to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need. In its essence, branding is a problem-solver.

A good brand will:

  • Clearly deliver a message
  • Confirm the brand's credibility in the marketplace
  • Emotionally connect target prospects with a product or service
  • Motivate the buyer to make a purchase
  • Create user loyalty
Branding and Understanding Your Customer

To succeed in branding, you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. You can achieve this by integrating your brand strategies throughout your company at every point of public contact.

Think of branding as though your company or organization were a living, breathing person. Imagine this person explaining who they are, why they're valuable, and what they specifically have to offer.

As consumers begin to identify with you, your brand will live in the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects, and they'll connect on an emotional level.

The Importance of Branding and the 3 Key Questions

Your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. If you're billing yourself as the manufacturer of the longest-lasting light bulb, your brand has to live up to that.

In developing a strategic marketing plan, your brand serves as a guide to understanding the purpose of your key business objectives and enables you to align the plan with those objectives. Branding doesn't just count during the time before the purchase—the brand experience has to last to create customer loyalty. You can create that by answering these three questions:

  1. Did the product or service perform as expected?
  2. Was the quality as good as promised or better?
  3. Was the entire customer experience positive?

If you can get positive answers to these three questions, you've created a loyal customer.

Beyond Loyal Customers

Branding not only creates loyal customers, but it also creates loyal employees. A quality brand gives people something to believe in and something to stand behind. It helps employees understand the purpose of the organization they work for. They feel like they're a part of something significant and not just a cog in a wheel.

A Basic Checklist to Evaluate Your Brand

How do you know if your brand is strong enough to give you the internal and external value that you need? Start by asking yourself the following:

  • Does the brand relate to my target audience? Will they instantly "get it" without too much thought?
  • Does the brand share the uniqueness of what I am offering and why it's important?
  • Does the brand reflect the promise made to my target audience and hold value for my internal audience?
  • Does the brand reflect the values that I want to represent to my customers?

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Want to Increase AdSense CPC? Learn These 5 Rules

Many things can be said about increasing AdSense CPC and you will surely see many articles written on the topic. Most blogs that talk about blogging have some sort of discussion about this, ranging from Blog For Web to Pro Blogger. Remember that CPC is influenced by many factors so learn that too before you make modifications. For instance, read about how niche influences AdSense CPC and how content quality has an effect on click rates.

AdSense CPC

#1 Use Ad Review Center

In your Google AdSense account, you need to go to the Ad Review Center. This is where you get the possibility of seeing the amount that the ad category currently pays you. You can look at various ads categories that currently appear on the website. In the event that you see that there is one that does not pay that much, simply block it to increase AdSense CPC. This is a simple tweak that can help out a lot more than what many believe but only professionals actually make modifications.

The categories that are irrelevant for the site’s niche or content have to be blocked. Let us say that you are currently blogging about Tech related topics. In this situation, ads from Religion or Dating would be irrelevant and would decrease AdSense CPC. Do not believe that such ads do not appear. You can see that they do in the Ad Review Center.

#2 Use The Competitive Ad Filter

This is another feature that is included in the Google AdSense account. You can use it in order to block general or specific ads from the pages that you own. It is possible to block such ads from a website. The increase in CPC will not be that high unless you eliminate ads from the competition.

#3 Take Viewer Platform Into Account

Sites are accessed with the use of different devices like laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones and so on. It is important to always take a look at the different platforms that visitors use to access your site. Generally, CPC will not be affected too much by the platform. However, we all know that the more you target, the higher the success. At the moment we have most readers coming from laptops and desktop PCs. That will change in the future.

In most situations, the ads that appear on mobile devices are of a quality that is higher. Because of this, you have to be sure that your site is perfectly optimized for mobile users. Many blogging platforms, like WordPress, allow you to easily do this through the use of plugins. Larger sites without open source CMS systems will require financial investments for the modifications to be done.

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2019 Content Marketing Strategy: Here Are 5 Content Marketing Trends That You Can't Ignore This Year

Technology is evolving at a very rapid rate and as marketers or business owners, this means that you constantly need to be aware of the latest changes, developments and be prepared for change at any minute. And it’s not just technology that keeps changing, but so do your audience’s preferences.

When it comes to content marketing, it’s essential to stay on top of these things if you’re going to make a real impact with your content and get results.So what should your 2019 content marketing strategy look like?Here are 5 content marketing trends that you really can’t ignore this year.

i. Content marketing and Artificial Intelligence

AI is already heavily impacting content marketing and most likely, Artificial Intelligence will change content marketing in big ways over the next few years.A lot of powerful AI technology already exists; however, it’s not highly accessibly. As this changes over the course of these next few years, that’s when we’ll truly see the impact of Artificial Intelligence on content marketing.

One of the biggest ways that AI will affect content marketing has to do with analytics and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence can gather and interpret huge amounts of data, amounts that would take months of work from dozens of people, while AI can handle it in seconds.

So, what does this mean, specifically, for content marketing?

For one thing, it will allow marketers to build better content marketing strategies. The more data you have about your audience and their interests and preferences, the easier it will be to create and deliver the types of content that they actually want to see.What’s more, with all of this data you can also build powerful, highly targeted audience segments; this in turn will allow you to create truly personalized content for each of your audience segments: personalized based on their personality traits, their shopping behaviour, their interests, their location and their needs, among other factors.

ii. A real need for an actual content strategy

So you have an editorial calendar; but do you have an actual strategy behind your content marketing efforts?

Surprisingly, as many as 63% of businesses don’t have an actual content strategy – but while that’s bad news for them, it can be great news for you if you start developing a content marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals.That said, it’s important to understand that a content strategy is not just an editorial calendar that you plan a few weeks or a month in advance. Rather, it’s a documented strategy that involves:

Setting goals for your content marketing strategy, particularly goals that will align with your overall business goals so that any content you product helps you reach more business goals (generating more traffic, more leads, making more conversions via your website, blog or email and so on)Establishing KPIs (key performance indicators) for measuring your content marketing ROIAudience segmentation for increasingly personalized contentContent repurposing strategyContent curation strateyDifferent strategies for different customer acquisition channels.

iii. Get your content ready for voice search

If you’ve not yet taken to using voice search in your day to day life, you might be surprised to learn how popular it actually is and how many people use it on a regular basis. And chances are that with the increasing popularityof devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa along with services like Apple’s Siri, voice search will only continue to grow – until, perhaps, it even becomes the new normal. Some even believe that as many as half of all online searches will be voice searches by 2020.

When it comes to content marketing, this means that marketers need to start optimising their content – or, at least, some of their content – for voice search. Unfortunately though, each device seems to be pulling data from different sources and offering completely different results; that said, there are still things that you can do to get ahead of the competition and make sure that your content is the one that voice assistants will recommend.

One of the most important aspects is that you need to get your content to be the featured snippet – the short blurb that sometimes appears at the top of a Google search result that answers your search query – and know which searches result in featured snippets.

iv. A different way of collaborating with influencers

Usually, one expects influencer collaboration to mean having the influencer promote a brand or its products/services on their own channels.And while that’s definitely still a great strategy, there is another approach that is starting to trend right now: having the influencer create content for your very own brand channels (your blog, your social networks and so on).This has quite a few advantages for brands, from boosting credibility to boosting traffic and followers as you attract that influencers’ audience.

So how do these types of campaigns work? Quite simply, by having known and respected influencers from your niche creating content for your channels. They can then promote this content on their channels and help drive traffic to your platform.For example, if you sell food products, you could have popular chefs sharing exclusive recipes on your blog – that will likely attract a large audience of foodies to your blog. Or, you can take things one step further and have an influencer take over your channel for an entire 24 hours – similar to Snapchat takeovers.

As I mentioned before, these types of influencer marketing projects can help you boost your credibility simply by associating yourself with a respected and well-loved influencer from your niche as well as help you with more practical goals, such as building up traffic to your blog and website, helping you generate more leads, as well as helping you make more sales and acquire new customers for your business.

v. Incorporate more types of content in your strategy and reach a wider audience

Content marketing isn’t just blogging; it’s also social media content, it’s marketing videos, email marketing, podcasting and so much more.People consume a lot of different types of content every day, using various devices; in order to reach these audiences, it’s important to not only have a presence on multiple channels but also to create different types of content for different segments of your audience:

Video is one of the most popular forms of content right now. People watch as many as 5 billion videos on YouTube every day and 100 million hours of video on Facebook – and these are just 2 platformsPodcasting is rapidly increasing in popularity as well, with 44% of the US population having listened to at least one podcast in the past few yearsInteractive content such as AR lenses can help you reach a huge audience; for example, Taco Bell’s Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Lens generated an impressive 224 million views


Content marketing is widely used by a large majority of marketers and businesses; in fact, as many as 91% of B2B marketers claim to use content marketing to reach customers, as this study from the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs found. That is a lot of content to compete with and, unfortunately, it’s easy to feel this competition when your content isn’t appearing in search results or in your audiences’ newsfeeds.

In order to perform well this year and generate great results from content marketing, stay on top of these trends and use them to inform your strategy: create a documented content marketing strategy, leverage AI, optimise your content for voice search, leverage different types of content and collaborate with influencers in unique ways.

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#2. How can Digital Marketing Services Help to grow your business online?

.Digital marketing is a strategy that uses digital tools and marketing strategy to improve brand and service delivery. And in today’s world, it’s not something you can ignore. Here are some ways you can ride on digital marketing to take on your competition.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps with the ranking your website gets online, and relies on the content you post. To achieve the best SEO ranking, you need to make sure you provide quality content that utilises key words that are used most commonly in the industry you’re in. Always try to get internal and external links, which are links directed to your website through articles, other websites or social media platforms. Google relies heavily on external and internal links to determine rankings, so invest in this, or let me help you with that. Contact us for more information.

Define your customer

Having a website and a social media presence gives you a chance to promote ads that reach the exact type of customer you want. You’re able to specify the demographics of the people you want to see your ads, meaning you can reach customers in a specific location, of a particular age group and even define their gender. This helps you target your adverts to an audience that’s most likely to lead to tangible sales.

Measure performance

When you begin using digital marketing tactics, it’s important to measure the outcomes of your efforts to determine what works and what doesn’t. Not all digital marketing strategies would work well for your business, so measuring the outcome helps you in re-strategising. Allow tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Ad Manager to guide you on the general age, location and interests of your customers.

Drum up business on mobile

Mobile marketing is aimed at reaching the targeted audience through their mobile phones, tablets or other mobile devices via websites, emails, SMSes or company apps. When using mobile marketing as a strategy, provide your target customers with personalised time and location-sensitive information so they can get what they want, exactly when they need it. Mobile marketing has become one of the best digital marketing strategies given the proliferation of mobile phones the world over.

Define your customer

Having a website and a social media presence gives you a chance to promote ads that reach the exact type of customer you want. You’re able to specify the demographics of the people you want to see your ads, meaning you can reach customers in a specific location, of a particular age group and even define their gender. This helps you target your adverts to an audience that’s most likely to lead to tangible sales.

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