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Youth Empowerment in Africa.

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Youth First.Org

Youth First.Org is a non-profit organization that was founded to empower the youth in Africa through various programs which will enable us to have a movement of empowered and enabled youths in Africa in all walks of life. Our goal is to establish a poverty free Africa through Entrepreneurship, leadership training and Business mentorship among the youth. We take the African Youth seriously and appreciate their creativity and innovative minds and this is what Youth First.Org is tapping in its day today activities and engagement with the youth. One of the biggest problems facing Africa now is Unemployment and underemployment among the Youth.

Youth First.Org

What We Do


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To establish a poverty free Africa through Enterprenureship, leadership training and Mentorship among the youth.


To create a movement of enabled and empowered youth in Africa through entreprenureship and Leadership training.


1. Team Work

2. Humanity

3. Youth empowerement


1. Entreprenureship Training

2. Leadership Training

3. Mentorship

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